Elishba reflects on travelling home for the Christmas holidays and how this period can be used to learn from and let go of the last year.

– Elishba

She’s always looked but never really seen, 

The way the window frame captures the scene, 

The beautiful landscape tinted in gold, 

As the winter sun touches the icy cold, 

Behold, a priceless treasure of trees, 

Standing tall after shedding their leaves, 

Letting go of what was to start anew, 

Bare branches that heal through the winter’s dew, 

With remnants of autumn leaves scattered at the feet, 

Like gold dust sprinkled to fertilise the tree, 

Forever a part of the necessary growth, 

The growth that only comes from being at home.

Whether you are looking for support for your own mental health or supporting a friend, help is available.

My name’s Elishba and I am a graduate now back to work with students. I completely understand the pressures around this time of year and how they can take a toll on you as a student. I want this poem to be reassuring, that you can stop and recharge your batteries in the comfort of your home.

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