Do you ever feel like you’re stuck in a pattern of waiting?

Waiting on things to change or people to change.

Waiting for closure or clarity or certainty.

Waiting for life to get easier. Waiting for your heart to feel better.

Waiting for an opportunity or a relationship or something you think you need to finally feel happy and at peace.

I suspect most of us spend years and even decades waiting, feeling powerless over some, if not all, aspects of our lives.

I know I’ve been there before. This is when I was the most depressed. When I felt completely helpless, like I couldn’t change my life if I wanted, so why even bother trying?

It made sense that I felt this way as a kid, when I literally wasn’t in control. Maybe you felt this way too. But as adults we have far more power than we may realize. We don’t have to accept things that hurt us or hurt ourselves through our actions and reactions.

We just have to recognize where we’ve given our power away and start taking it back, one small step at a time.

One thought at a time. One change at a time. One boundary at a time. One need at a time.

With this in mind, I recently created a 30-Day Take Your Power Back Challenge—the latest tool in a collection of companions to my new Inner Strength Journal.

They’re all steps we can take to create change in our lives—many of them minor things that can have a massive impact. I know when I do any of these things, I feel far less anxious and a lot more in control.

You can find the challenge here, along with the following other free resources:

  • 15 Things You Don’t Have to Do Anymore
  • Take Your Power Back Worksheet
  • 10 Things to Tell Yourself When You’re Going Through a Hard Time
  • Your Daily Support Plan Worksheet
  • 15 Things You Can’t Control (and What You Can Control Instead)
  • Letting Go of Control Worksheet

I hope they’re all helpful to you! If you’d like to learn more about my new Inner Strength Journal, which was recently a #1 bestseller on Amazon, you can read more here.

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