Volunteers’ Week is taking place from Wednesday 1st June to Tuesday 7th June. The Editorial Team have taken the opportunity to share their thoughts on what volunteering means to them.

– Student Minds Blog Editorial Team

Volunteers’ Week is a celebration of the contribution millions of people make through volunteering. Volunteering has been a great way for us to give back to the community and support others. Join us to recognise the fantastic contribution volunteers make and say thank you.

What are the Editorial Team’s thoughts on volunteering?

I have volunteered for the Student Minds blog for two years and I also volunteer for the charity Coppafeel. I find volunteering a great way to gain experience whilst also doing something that makes me feel fulfilled. Volunteering for the Student Minds Blog also helped me when I was struggling with my mental health as I was able to recognise my own story in the blogs that I helped to edit, and this helped me to share my own story with my friends and family and reach out for help.

– Natalie (Student)

Volunteering is extremely rewarding and details your passion for a cause as you are willing to give up your time for free. I volunteered for Student Minds as their message means a lot to me and I wanted to provide in any way I could. Volunteering aided in my personal development, as I gained experience working as part of a fantastic organisation doing something that I care about deeply, helping people. 

– Luke (Student)

Volunteering can be really rewarding as it gives you an opportunity to meet others who are passionate about the same thing as you. I decided to volunteer with Student Minds as I believe sharing mental health experiences is incredibly powerful, and in doing so have met others who have the same beliefs. Another thing I love about volunteering is that it supports my personal development – I can gain experience and increase my confidence levels while supporting a cause I believe in.

– Sarah (Student)

I chose to volunteer because I wanted to contribute my time and skills to be a part of a bigger cause. It’s allowed me to develop my interpersonal skills as well as helped me to connect with people I would have never met.

– Shamira (Graduate)

Volunteering, supporting the community and helping other people are one of the most rewarding things I’ve been a part of. There’s a real sense of pride and joy in watching other people find support, feel accepted and learn they’re not alone through the Student Minds Blog.

– Taylor (Student)

When I’ve volunteered in the past, it is typically because I have spare time on my hands or I want to add value to my life. Volunteering with Student Minds and with other charities and events has always been a resoundingly positive experience. It allows you to contribute something to society, meet new people and have different experiences. Volunteering has also opened doors for me in my life and my career. I recommend volunteering as a way of exploring areas of interest or to be part of a cause which matters to you. No matter how much time you have to spare, it is always appreciated. 

– Rosanna (Graduate)

I volunteer because it gives me a sense of purpose and because I am passionate about helping people. The benefits of volunteering, for me, personally, have been numerous from meeting and networking with so many fascinating people to increased self-confidence. I would absolutely recommend volunteering to everyone!

– Emily (Graduate)

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