Tayyibah shares a letter written to anyone struggling, encouraging you to take that first step, and no matter who you are, there are people who love you.

– Tayyibah Hussain

Dear You, 

I want you to know, how amazing and special you are. I want you to know how I adore you and you inspire me to be a better person each day. I want you to know how you shine and make the world a better place when smiling. So please, show it off more because you are beautiful. I want you to know that even if things get tough you will get through this and promise me you will keep on going no matter what obstacles you face. I know that the people who love and care about you are trying to reach out to you to let you know that everything is going to be alright. They are there for you and things will get better; you just have to trust the process. Remember don’t push them away or shut them out, you may not want to hear it, but those people are there for you and would do anything to help you, so keep talking to them. Give them a chance to understand you, and to understand the pain you are going through.

Remember you aren’t alone and you won’t ever be alone. I want you to know I see you struggling, I see you trying to do your best even when you feel awful okay? I can see how you try your best to feel like you’re okay but really you just need that hug or a shoulder to cry on. You aren’t alone! There are people who will enter your life who you have never seen. Why? Because they care about you and want you to know they will be there for you every step of the way. Maybe right now you feel lost, like you won’t get anywhere. Like everyone hates you and no one wants to talk to you, and you’ve lost all this energy. You aren’t alone with all these feelings and thoughts, it’s more than likely many others will be struggling too. No matter how long or whatever it takes, I could sit here and tell you in a matter of hours, days, or weeks everything will get better. That you will eventually look back at this moment in your life, and maybe even laugh about it, thinking that was silly of me. 

However, for those who can’t look back yet, that’s okay too, you’ve got this, I have faith in you. I’m on your side and I’m proud of how far you are getting each day. So, hang in there. You’re important, you matter, you are loved and cared for in this world. You have a light inside you, that if it were to leave this world, there would be a slight darkness that hangs over everyone.  Please, take one day at a time. Everything will eventually fall back into place, so just keep going. I know you want all the answers now, but I can’t give them to you as things take time and the right things will happen at the right time. I’m with you though, right along the way. We will both get through this. 

Yours sincerely, 

A Friend 

Tayyibah Hussain is currently a student at the University of Derby studying Early Childhood Studies. Dreams are to become a primary school teacher with a passion for helping those children who get left out or are classed as shy. Interested in mental health, supporting others, reading, adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) and hoping to inspire others to have self-belief and faith within themselves.

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