If you work out regularly in your local gym, you’ve probably experienced the feeling of boredom and monotony. And let’s not even start on all the disrespectful and disrupting people that come and ruin your workouts. Well, if you have a backyard at home, you can easily transform it into a practical gym and have access to top workouts whenever you want. Here are some ideas that will help you design the best DIY backyard gym:

Permanent Or Portable

If you want to create a permanent outdoor gym, then feel free to consider larger equipment that fastens to the ground and can’t be moved. This is an excellent solution for dedicated fitness people who are not planning any big changes in their lives (like having kids, moving, renovating, etc.) On the other hand, portable equipment can be stored during winter, but it also provides less stability and security.

Choose A Ground Cover

The grass is the most common ground cover in all backyards, but it’s not super suitable for working out. It’s often clumpy and full of holes that can cause an injury, and in case of rain, your area will be a mud bath. If you want to keep your backyard green, artificial turf is a great solution that provides a level and stable surface. If you want something even more practical, you can put up pavers in one area of the backyard so you can always have firm ground underneath your feet.

Consider Water Exercises

If you’re not opposed to investing a lot of money into your outdoor gym project, why not consider installing a pool in your backyard? Adding such a feature will allow you to do full-body workouts in the water, as well as relax after your workouts. Plus, the kids, family, and friends will love this idea for you because they know they will get to swim in your pool occasionally. Just to be safe, all fitness people with kids and pets need to secure their pool with a black pool fence that prevents accidents. This addition looks sleek and cool and offers a lot of safety in your backyard.

Install Fixtures

If you’re choosing permanent fixtures in your outdoor gym, focus on pull-up bars, balance beams and benches. These can be used as a prop for many exercises, plus your kids will love to use them as well. There are also outdoor exercise bikes and ellipticals specially designed to be used in outdoor gyms. If you have a covered area with an outlet nearby, you can even opt for traditional treadmills (but only if the area is protected from elements and theft).

Consider Coverage

In case you live somewhere hot, you might require some shade over your machines to ensure you don’t get a heat stroke or sunburns. Shade sails are a perfect solution for backyards because they are easy to install, look good, and offer top sun protection. These are installed quickly and easily, and you can even move them without too much trouble.


Your at-home workout equipment doesn’t have to look perfect or be expensive to work. For instance, if you want to save money, you can try DIY options like using tires, ropes, sandbags, and buckets for weight lifting, sled for pull exercises, and cones for cardio. Store all of these items in your shed, and you can have a portable gym whenever you feel like training. You can even make your own weights out of concrete and metal bars and have an outdoor, weather-resistant weight rack for all your lifting needs.

Provide Extra Comfort With Lighting And Entertainment

If you’re a night owl and love an evening workout, your backyard will require some extra lighting. It’s best to light up your workout area with spotlights that will create intense, white light. This will prevent injuries and make your gym more functional. Also, you can consider grabbing one of those portable Bluetooth speakers for some music or installing a TV in your covered area so you can get entertainment while you grind on the treadmill or exercise bike.

With a personal backyard gym, you can have 24/7 access to a gym and enjoy all the privacy you need for a great session. You can still spice things up with regular gym days, yet having a private one at home to fall back on is amazing for your fitness.

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