With the development and progress of society, most people have begun to pay attention to oral health, and they will pay attention to oral hygiene and reduce the occurrence of oral diseases. People who have suffered from toothache are more concerned. To know that a tooth decay, the pain, enough to make people unbearable.

In recent years, root canal therapy has come into everyone’s attention. A common problem is that more and more people refuse root canal therapy. What’s going on?

1.What is root canal treatment?

The so-called root canal treatment is to completely remove the dirt inside the tooth to solve the oral problem. There is a lot of dirt inside the teeth, which can easily lead to infection, which may also cause pulp disease or periapical disease. The more common ones are root inflammation, dental nerve inflammation, and pulp inflammation.

Inflammation of the pulp or root tip can cause strong toothache. As long as the inflammation cannot be completely removed, toothache will be frequented, which will bring more troubles to life and spirit. In order to avoid recurring toothache, it is necessary to solve the problem thoroughly. .

Root canal treatment can help to solve some of the internal dirt and solve the problem from the root. Most of the root or pulp inflammation is caused by serious bacterial infection, resulting in severe tooth decay.

It is estimated that many people are familiar with tooth decay. Many people will have toothache due to tooth decay, but some people have more severe toothache, while others are not obvious. Therefore, for people with tooth decay, the pain is more intense, just simple There is no way to completely solve the problem.

Tooth filling is only a way to treat the symptoms but not the root cause. If the decayed tissue inside the tooth is not cleaned up, bacteria or other microorganisms may be hidden in it, which may make the decayed part of the tooth larger, causing damage to the pulp and root tip of the tooth. Damage will also increase.

Therefore, when it is found that the teeth are very black, and there is strong pain, the pain is more obvious at night, and it needs to be paid attention to, indicating that the tooth nerve has been inflamed, and root canal treatment is a better way.

2. Root canal treatment can improve toothache, why do so many people refuse root canal treatment?

There is such a phenomenon, maybe some people are worried that there will be a problem, that is, money is spent, but the fundamental problem has not been solved. You must know that the cost of root canal treatment is quite high. If you can’t get good results after the treatment, it will be unbalanced for everyone.

The reason for this kind of thinking is mostly unscrupulous doctors. In order to seek more benefits, they clearly know that they cannot do effective treatment, and they also deceive consumers, so that consumers have wrong perceptions and do not believe in professional doctors. There is a prejudice against root canal treatment, thinking that root canal treatment is actually useless.

Some people have a wrong understanding, that is, they think that if a tooth is damaged, it needs to be filled or pulled out directly, and there is no need to spend money for root canal treatment.

But I never thought about whether filling teeth can solve the problem. Everyone’s situation is different, and the treatment plan is different. It is not because the situation of others is not serious, filling teeth can solve the problem. I think that everyone should be like this.

For some patients with more serious tooth decay, just filling the teeth will not solve the problem, but may make the surrounding good teeth deteriorate, which is a bit too disadvantageous. If you choose to let it develop until the tooth falls out, there will be a problem, that is, the need for dental implants, which is another huge expense.

Some people say that if a bad tooth is extracted, it will be extracted, and it is fine if it is not filled. The damage to the periodontal is not small if the missing tooth is not filled, and it is easy to cause other oral problems. Besides, the filled tooth is not as good as the original tooth, and root canal treatment Can help preserve original teeth.

3. So, how long do teeth last after root canal treatment?

In fact, there is no fixed answer. After root canal treatment, the service life of the tooth will be affected by many factors, so it is impossible to give an accurate answer. It is not a controllable factor to know the condition of your teeth.

In addition, there will be differences in the techniques of doctors who do root canal treatment, and after root canal treatment, personal care needs to be taken into account. If there are some problems with these factors, it will affect the service life of the teeth.

In addition, it is worth noting that after the general root canal treatment, a crown will be done, but some people are reluctant to do it, which will also make a difference in the life of the tooth. Normally, for patients who have undergone root canal treatment, the service life of their teeth can reach 5-10 years. This is not a uniform standard, but in most cases.

Errors in some of the above factors may affect the life of the teeth, which may not be enough in less than 5 years, but all aspects have been done well, and the life of the teeth can be increased on the basis of 10 years, which may reach 15-20 years, so if you want your teeth to last longer, the focus is on individual cooperation.

Not sure how you feel about root canal treatment? If you are unwilling to do it, it is recommended to read this article carefully and think about it carefully. Oral health is also related to the health of the whole body, and small problems should also be actively treated.

Biography: Tony works on Dental Laboratorio, he is a technician who produce the prosthesis according to dentist data from patient. He knows the essential endodontic treatment and dental lab prosthesis restoration.