When I first began experiencing the onset of depression, I was confused and terrified. Although vague and patchy, at the time, I did have a basic understanding of how the disease typically presents itself in individuals. I was adamant that what I felt was not synonymous with someone who is depressed. The emotions I was experiencing didn’t align with the accounts of other individuals who have experienced depression. Not only was I confused and terrified, but I also felt like an outcast in the community that theoretically should have provided me with solace.

Feeling Alone Because of the Stigma of Depression Being a One-Size Fits All Illness

In my experience, depression can present itself in very different ways across different people. With that said, it is important that we don’t invalidate the nuances of the disease for the sake of ourselves and those suffering in silence. No one experiencing mental health issues should have to question whether people will believe them or offer any kind of support.

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