With veganism becoming ever more popular in recent times, now is a great opportunity to get involved with the movement during World Vegan Month. By opting for a vegan option when choosing your meal, you reduce harmful effects on the environment and benefit your body too. Though these effects are greater if you stick to veganism, swapping the occasional meaty dish for a vegetable-based option will nevertheless help to contribute. With veganism being the word on everybody’s lips (and for good reason), take the time to celebrate veganism this month and get some great deals on these top vegan restaurants across the UK.

Why Is It Important to Support Vegan Restaurants?

By choosing to eat vegan, you do yourself and the world a lot of good. Vegan food options are normally based on using natural ingredients, giving the fresh flavours you expect when dining out as opposed to processed foods. As a result, you’ll be giving your body important nutrients and vitamins it needs to function properly and keep you healthy.

Additionally, the meat industry is incredibly harmful to the environment. Not only is the treatment of livestock cruel, but the land used to store them then gets damaged through harmful chemicals. The large number of fossil fuels used in this massive industry as opposed to natural produce contribute significantly to the effects of climate change. So, it’s helpful to dine at vegan restaurants when you can. Take the opportunity to support veganism during World Vegan Month by trying out one of these fantastic restaurants, with great discounts from us, mentioned in our guide below.

Vegan Restaurants Near Me

No matter where you are in the UK, you’re bound to find a vegan restaurant near your area in this list. Search ‘vegan restaurants near me’ no longer and simply take a look at our list below to get clued in:

  • Manchester – Try Vedic Vegan And Vegetarian Restaurant or K.Rave Kitchen Bar & Grill
  • London – Visit Vegan Yes at Nags Head Market or Leban Eats
  • Glasgow – Dine at The Green Chilli Café or Madhras Dosa
  • Birmingham – Find some fantastic flavour at Jojolapa or The Lobby on Hill Street


Vedic Vegan and Vegetarian Restaurant

If you find yourself in Hyde, take the opportunity to grab some great vegan food here. Offering the authentic Indian dining experience while missing out on meat, you can’t go wrong with Vedic.

Vedic prides itself on using only the highest quality and freshest ingredients in its dishes, ensuring you get a magnificent meal every time. With plush cream cushioned seating, immaculate wooden flooring and low-hanging lights, choose this vegan restaurant for some delectable dishes with an inviting and attractive interior to boot.

K.Rave Kitchen Bar & Grill

K.Rave has become well known for its high-quality steaks, but this vegan restaurant boasts some great vegan options too for the herbivorous diner.

Try a vegan mock lamb rogan josh, a vegan buffalo ‘CHCKN’ burger or a mushroom burrito for some of K.Rave’s signature meat-free specialities that will get you hooked on vegan dining.


Vegan Yes – Nags Head Market

If you tend to be indecisive about choosing a particular cuisine, choose Vegan Yes for an eclectic blend of flavours and a unique approach to vegan cuisine.

Combining Italian and Korean cuisines may seem unusual on paper, but you can see why this vegan restaurant is so popular once its dishes arrive on the table. Their sweet sea salad, Naples kimbap and sushi burger are guaranteed to give you the nourishing meal you need after a long day wandering around the capital.

Leban Eats

If Lebanese cuisine is your thing, do not miss out on the scrumptious vegan food on offer from Leban Eats. Head on down to Charing Cross near Soho, for some vegan dishes that are anything but boring.

From its exciting and aromatic menu, you can choose from flavoursome wraps, mezze and burritos to keep you satiated this World Vegan Month.


The Green Chilli Café

For those who like the sound of getting their hands on some Indian tapas, we recommend you try out The Green Chilli Café. Wonder ‘where are some great vegan restaurants near me’ no longer!

Found in Glasgow’s West End, Green Chilli Café offers plenty of choices for plant-based diners. Try out their tapas options with vegetable pakora, jodhpuri samosa or a mushroom pakora for some vegan food that we know you’ll love. Why not treat yourself and try all three?

Madhras Dosa

Everybody loves an Indian meal out. It can be hard to go wrong with this cuisine as it’s very easy to swap out meat for some delicious veggies. If you find yourself near Old Dumbarton Road, Madhras Dosa is a great choice to try out some authentic south Indian dishes.

Serving a delectable selection of vegan treats, choose from flavoursome biryani, dosa and desserts if you want to find some vegan restaurants ‘near me’.



If you’re serious about your Indian cuisine, Jojolapa is sure to exceed your expectations.

With a wide range of vegan options on offer including a tikka shashlik with soya chicken, tama aloo and makhani, the Jojolapa menu is chock full of fresh dishes, providing a tasty option to please everyone.

The Lobby on Hill Street

If you’re the sort of person who can’t resist pairing their meal with a fancy cocktail, look no further than The Lobby on Hill Street for some vegan food that you won’t be able to keep your hands off.

This restaurant offers street food, bottomless brunch, choices for the kids, you name it! Give their buddha burger, kerala bean curry or plantamara a go for the ultimate vegan restaurant dining experience.

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