If you’ve been told at least one of your teeth needs to be extracted, you’re not the only one. It is reported that the American Dental Association reports that the average adult American aged between 20 and 64 has at least three missing or decayed teeth. You might be shocked when you realize that the damage caused by a missing tooth can be not just an aesthetic issue. The location of the tooth and the number of teeth missing could result in having to miss certain food items you enjoy. However, that’s not the only thing. Learn more about other problems that could result due to missing teeth.


There are many possible reasons for missing one or more teeth. It could be because of dental trauma, tooth decay, gum illness, or bad nutrition. The loss of a tooth affects your physical and psychological. The causes are:

  • When eating, we utilize our teeth to chew and tear. If we have missing teeth, food particles could be able to pass through the gap, and then hit our gums. This can cause discomfort when eating. It is possible to avoid some foods vital to a balanced diet.
  • Teeth that are not aligned properly make space in the jawline, allowing other teeth to shift. They can move closer or further away. This could cause issues with the normal alignment of the jaw, making it painful to pull your teeth in when you chew. If your teeth become closer to each other, it may be harder to clean your teeth. This could result in gum disease, and possibly further tooth loss.
  • Changes in Speech It’s awe-inspiring how often we rely on our teeth to pronounce sounds while speaking. Teeth missing are clearly likely to impact the way we talk.
  • Reduced Bone Density The force generated by your teeth is a stimulant that helps to build up the jaw bone. In the event that you have lost one of your teeth the jaw’s surrounding area jaw could weaken.
  • Aging gracefully – Teeth are part of the facial structure that supports facial tissues. The absence of teeth weakens that structure, and the skin may begin to lose its shape, giving you an aged appearance.
  • Depression and anxiety – Studies have found an association between losing your teeth and mental health.
  • Low self-esteem – A study found that almost one-quarter of people who have missing teeth feel shy to smile.
  • Lower success in job interviews A study also showed that nearly 25% of people thought they had missed the job openings due to missing teeth


The experts in the field recommend implant dentistry as their best option for replacing teeth. It is possible to replace one or all if you have to Dental implants have numerous advantages over other alternatives for replacing teeth. Since they are asking for natural teeth, you’ll be able to enjoy the same advantages as all-natural teeth. Schedule an appointment to visit Newport Oral Surgery to determine whether dental implants are suitable for you.