Calm has teamed up with Gerber, a leader in early childhood nutrition, to release a soothing collection of sleep and relaxation content designed to support parents.

Parents of young children know that balancing their own life with caring for their newborn babies can be both rewarding and a struggle. The celebration of key milestones can come with consistent sleep disruption, the propensity to worry, and the responsibilities of your day-job, all creating a perfect storm of stress and anxiety. 

Many Calm users are parents or soon to be parents, and over the years, we’ve heard loud and clear that there’s a need for resources aimed at soothing the busy minds of moms and dads as they embark on this important journey of parenthood. 

That’s why we’ve teamed up with Gerber, a leader in early childhood nutrition, on a special, “For Parents” collection of content, available exclusively on the Calm App. Like Calm, Gerber recognized that late-night hours are often when parents need the most support. To meet that need, they have created The Dream Feed – a go-to source filled with free access to articles, sleep and baby expert advice, real stories and tips from parents. 

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