If you’ve found yourself wondering why this summer feels a little like one continual ride on the struggle bus, allow some astrology to explain. We’re currently in the midst of a whole slate of planetary retrogrades, with transformative Pluto, taskmaster Saturn, dreamy Neptune, and even trauma-centered minor planet Chiron all backpedaling through the sky. On July 28, we’ll add auspicious Jupiter to that list, as it goes retrograde in Aries and chugs backward through the sign for a few months, dipping into Pisces in late October and stationing direct on November 23. But in the case of this optimistic planet, the backspin could actually feel productive—if you let it.

Generally, Jupiter is the “planet of expansion, auspiciousness, and all things big and bold,” says astrologer Stefanie Iris Weiss. Since it’s been moving in the intense, action-focused sign of Aries since May 10, it’s been lending an energetic, go-go-go vibe to topics related to personal growth, says astrologer Cristina Farella: “Jupiter in Aries is about taking risks and bravely envisioning a future where acting on our best guesses brings sweet rewards.” Translation? You might’ve felt inspired the past couple months to dive head-first into big dreams and goals.

“We’re invited to contemplate how much terrain we’ve covered since Jupiter’s May shift into Aries—rather than to throw ourselves into new projects.” —Cristina Farella, astrologer

Now, as Jupiter goes retrograde, it’s not that all progress toward personal growth is on hold but rather that the energy around growth turns inward, says Farella. “We’re invited to contemplate how much terrain we’ve covered since Jupiter’s May shift into Aries—rather than to throw ourselves into new projects, big impulse purchases, or life-altering career shifts.” Remember, retrogrades are periods of reflection and review (sparked by a planet similarly rewinding its path), and this one by Jupiter will be no exception.

Leaning into this calmer, introspective period could lend helpful insights for your future, given that Jupiter is associated with things fated, optimistic, and lucky. “If you notice, upon reflection, that things haven’t evolved in recent weeks exactly as you’d hoped, you can use the next four months of the retrograde to course-correct and better pace yourself,” says Weiss. “And if you find that you got in over your head with a project or passion, in classic Aries style, you may uncover more effective strategies during this time to accomplish your goals going forward.”

That’s particularly the vibe for people with their sun or rising signs in Aries, Sagittarius, or Pisces, because of how this Jupiter retrograde moves through the sky. Below, Farella shares exactly how this transit may encourage folks of these signs, especially, to slow down, zoom out, and consider the big-picture direction of their lives.

Here are the 3 signs poised to feel the effects of Jupiter retrograde in Aries most intensely


Given this Jupiter retrograde begins in your sign—where the planet has been since May 10—it’s highlighting your first house of personal identity and the self, Aries. Cue: a major personal-growth moment. “This is a powerful time to reflect on how you can reprioritize your connection to self,” says Farella. The past few weeks have likely been a time in which you’ve set a whole lot of things in motion externally, whether it was leading a new project at work, helping a friend, or beginning a new relationship. But now, it’s time to take a beat and integrate it all, says Farella: “Bring the focus back to you.”


As a fellow active, large-living fire sign to Aries, you tend to feel transits in the sign of the Ram pretty intensely. Expect double that intensity for this Jupiter retrograde in Aries, given that Jupiter is also your planetary ruler (meaning its movements hold greater sway over the events in your world than they do for others). “Matters in both areas of your identity and creativity may shift throughout this time,” says Farella. “You can use this opportunity to assess how much you put out into the world, and see if you can fine-tune your understanding of being ‘seen.'”

As above, rather than charging forward on external tasks, consider turning inward and nurturing a side of yourself that’s perhaps been neglected. “Remember that it’s okay to rest, and this retrograde offers a well-aligned time to do so,” says Farella. As the transit ends on November 23 and Jupiter shifts direct, you’ll also be granted a prime opportunity to translate whatever you’ve learned about yourself into a new plan or intention, since that date happens to coincide with the new moon in your sign.


Though Jupiter spent the first part of 2022 moving through your sign—in what astrologers pinned as one of the year’s defining transits and a source of good luck in your sphere—it’s been in Aries for the past few weeks and will remain there for the first part of this retrograde, as noted above. But come October 27 (and through December 20), the planet will dip back into the last degrees of your sign, perhaps turning your awareness to matters from early May, when it was last there, says Farella. That’ll be an impactful time to consider the growth you’ve achieved since and reflect on the lessons this period of time may have offered.

But even well before that, you can expect to be greatly affected by Jupiter retrograde in Aries, given that in the traditional view of astrology (before Neptune was discovered), Jupiter was also considered your ruling planet. In turn, you can expect a similar vibe as Sagittarius. “This may prove an important time to practice looking within, rather than without,” says Farella. “Mindfulness tools, journaling, and dreamwork could all feel apt to cue you into the transformational energy of this retrograde.”

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