It’s been some time since we introduced IPL to you, so we’ll forgive you if you don’t quite do not forget simply how awesome it’s far. (You can trap up here!) And we’re notably excited to announce that nowadays’s weblog is the primary of 3 focusing on the more and more famous remedies – and the diverse matters it is able to be used for.

For the ones of you short on time, right here’s a quick recap: The system enables pigment cells inside the pores and skin to take in the mild power emitted, earlier than being transformed into heat, which then destroys any undesirable pigment. Unsurprisingly, it can be used for an entire host of pores and skin conditions, but today we specialize in IPL hair removal.

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How does it paint?

By emitting a wavelength into the skin, IPL works like a flash lamp, focused on melanin – the pigment in hair – before being absorbed into it and swiftly destroying it, way to the warmth electricity that it’s far more speedy converted into. It best works, however, on living hair, which makes up around 25% of the hair on your body at any given time. Dead hair can take three weeks before being shed with the aid of the pores and skin, that’s why you normally need a fair range of periods of IPL to make certain you catch all the hairs while they’re alive. Vitally, it gives effective effects irrespective of in which it’s administered at the body – including the face, underarms, legs, or bikini line.

IPL has come an extended way since it become first brought in the 90s, with results now greater effective – and extra everlasting – than ever. But the burning question on all of us’s minds is continually around how it compares to the laser.

IPL hair elimination vs laser

The wonderful component about IPL is that it offers multiple wavelengths, unlike laser treatments which use simply one at any given time, that means it achieves a vast vicinity of skin and, greater importantly, unwanted hair. IPL is mostly a quicker technique than laser over large regions, which means it’s an awesome preference for you in case you’re short on time, however, be prepared to have as many as 12 publications of treatment for everlasting hair reduction. Another advantage is that it’s also a less expensive opportunity – as well as inflicting in reality no downtime. Something to bear in mind, however, is that IPL is most effectively recommended if you have darkish hair and truthful pores and skin, so you can also need to take a look at laser if this isn’t you.

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IPL hair removal at home: Yay or nay?

While at-domestic IPL gadgets are anywhere and do offer a few effects, they may be prescribed – a long way greater so than in case you had it finished at an expert salon. They can be useful in helping you keep your new fuzz-unfastened pores and skin, acting to zap away the odd hair right here or there, however first and predominant you must constantly spend money on a full direction performed by skilled experts (like us!). If the IPL hair elimination device isn’t operated competently or efficaciously, you may enjoy some poor side results, so no longer something you want to be taking a raffle on.

Another element to endure in mind: Don’t be tempted by the aid of the most inexpensive offer out there, as if something sounds too accurate to be authentic, it usually is. And when you’re thinking about a permanent solution, that means you’ll in no way need to fork out on waxing, razors, epilators, etc ever once more, it clearly is profitable to pay for pinnacle first-rate. Prioritize the cost of the effects – now not the cost of treatments.

Dos and don’ts before remedy


  • Have a patch check beforehand
  • Shave each before and in among remedies


  • Wax, pluck, or thread earlier than and throughout treatments as IPL will only paintings with hair in its growth degree, i.E. When it’s miles still attached to the follicle
  • Go for IPL even as pregnant or breastfeeding
  • Have a tan at some stage in – or right now after – treatment as it can goal pigment inside the pores and skin and reason scarring

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